By Ron R. Jackson, Aviation Business Strategies Group

Managing all the moving parts of a fixed base operation can be challenging for FBO owners, operators and managers. That’s why embracing technology is both beneficial and fundamentally essential in operating a more efficient, effective and competitive FBO in today’s evolving marketplace.

Over the years, various software solutions have been developed and largely adopted by the FBO industry. The first generation included off-the-shelf programs, like Quick Books, that found their place in accounting departments. The next generation included industry specific FBO software, such as TotalFBO, FBO Manager and MyFBO, which have proven to be effective solutions to better manage fuel sales and various service offerings.

But just as analog phones have been replaced by smart phones, aviation business software is being transformed, creating the next generation of smart software and setting a new industry standard.

However, moving to a next generation of any technology platform is not comfortable for many. Years ago I was reluctant to give up my analog phone because it seemed to work just fine and frankly the thought of downloading something called an app pushed my comfort zone.

Now we rely on our smart devices to bring the world to the palm of our hand. Not only is this technology convenient, it’s become downright essential. It’s new technology that helps us manage our day better and makes us feel more connected and better informed.

The new generation of FBO management software, like Total Aviation Software, is designed to do just that. Better information to help us make better decisions. And by moving to cloud-based technology, information moves quickly, accurately and flows seamlessly to most any access point whether desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

This mobility for the FBO operator puts all employees on the same page, whether on the ramp, behind the CSR counter or in the accounting department.

For the FBO owner and manager, this new FBO management software has some bells and whistles that take the guess work out of effectively running the day-to-day operations.  Things like producing daily dashboard reports to keep track of the cost of fuel in your tank so you can adjust posted pricing to maintain healthier margins. Or creating, tracking and posting customer service orders on multiple screens and devices throughout the facility so every team member is on the same page.

Managing all the moving parts of a fixed base operation is indeed a challenge. But through new technology, the information you need can be easily configured, customized and scaled to your operation.

By adopting smarter tools, an FBO enterprise can work more efficiently, maintain a competitive edge, create a greater customer service experience and establish a better bottom-line performance.

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