By Development Team

After announcing the next generation FBO Software solution in November at NBAA 2015, the MSTS product development and engineering team had to start a process of transitioning from a ‘new’ solution to the everyday normal solution for our customers.

This transition was a rigorous process of upgrading early adopter customers to the new product and then embedding our focus with them day-in-and-day-out. This focus did not mean onboarding as many customers as possible, but rather listening to a core group of customers for several months to validate that the simplified and clean FBO software (complex behind the scenes) is an improvement.

Through listening and collaborating with our customers, the engineering team has added new functionality, reporting, and revised a few items to move Total Aviation Software from ‘ready to market’ to ‘ready for primetime.’ That level up has the team excited for the new normal.

With that new normal, the work has just begun. The new, flexible technology stack allows the product and engineering team to deliver QA’ed enhancements every two weeks. With that ability, we want to ensure that those enhancements are right and best for the entire customer base.

We are following the process of collaborating with groups of customers every step of the development journey, from idea conception to low-tech design to a polished product; all of it helps us validate and co-create new value in the FBO software. For example, during the month of June, the team has been co-designing the upcoming ‘Shop’ module with a customer focus group, an old-fashioned whiteboard, and several iterations of rework to an innovative solution before putting any hand to code.

Regardless of the FBO Software brand, we have one customer and one goal – offer dependable solutions to allow FBOs to increase revenues, run their business more efficiently, and shift their focus to customer service (instead of software). Every day we get to invest more in that shared future!