TotalFBO® is probably one of the most well-known FBO management software tools used by business & general aviation businesses to run their operations. Since TotalFBO® was launched in 1988, there’s been a strong sense of partnership between the aviation businesses it serves and the TotalFBO® product development teams that worked to make sure customer concerns were met.

Through the hubbub of launching our newest aviation management software product, Total Aviation Software, some of our long-standing TotalFBO® customers have inquired about the future of TotalFBO® and its place among the portfolio of software products developed and managed by MSTS.

MSTS strives to develop technology tools that create efficiencies, streamline business processes and maximize revenues for the customers it serves. Finding synergies between software platforms is a strategy that allows MSTS to continue to offer cutting edge software and at the same time stand up legacy products where it makes sense. Continuing to support TotalFBO® is an effort that aligns with those business goals. 

A good example of these synergies is what’s happening with the recent efforts to launch an accounting module for Total Aviation Software. TotalFBO® accounting is built on the back of 25 plus years of feedback from customers making it the only aviation-specific accounting package of its type, so it makes no sense whatsoever to try and build a new accounting module from scratch. The strategy employed instead is to further invest and hone TotalFBO® accounting and to use it for Total Aviation Software. This allows users of Total Aviation Software to experience the best of TotalFBO® along with many upgraded features using the latest technology.

MSTS is committed to continue to support TotalFBO® well into the future and hopes that customers continue to trust it to run their businesses, but there’s also an invitation to take a peek at what Total Aviation Software can offer. It’s built on an all-new technology stack and offers dynamic functionality and processes that many of our customers have come to appreciate, including several long standing TotalFBO® customers who have made the switch.

Any customer that would like to set up a demo, please call +1-888-812-3866 or email and an account manager will get one set up.